The pictures of “The World Of Above” are only reproduced in a limited edition of 10 prints independent of the size of the print. This excludes two copies for the photographer.
The limited edition refers only to the large prints and does not include the eventual use of the pictures for the publication in books, magazines, post cards, news papers and on-line.
Each picture of the limited edition comes with a numbered certificate of authencity signed by the 
Standard the pictures are printed by high-quality inkjet printers on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper 
and mounted on a 2 mm Dibond aluminium. 
Other ways of printing or mounting, including framing are possible on request.  
Also larger sizes then the minimum size are possible
For prices, contact Werner Roelandt
Each photo has a minimum print size
White Bricks    90x60cm
Enclosed Cars    80x60cm
Up and Down    70x80cm
Umbrellas    80x80cm
Red Together    80x80cm
Wet Street    180x45cm
Blue Halos    70x80cm
Downhill    80x80cm
Ski Explosion    80x80cm
Line Up    90x60cm
Massive Shadows    55x110cm
Photo Finish    90x60cm
Spiral    80x60cm
Rush Hour Down    90x60cm

Rush Hour Up    90x60cm
For Fotografiecircuit Flanders a Special Edition is created of each photo at a size of 50x40cm. 
Also available in Limited Edition.
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